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(Pimp C)

It all started with a Pimp C, bitchSo what the fuck is upTold em somethin goodEase up my muthafuckin cutCause if you don’t really wanna fuck wit a trill niggaFrom the trill villa wit a steel trigga land of the real killersPop Pop muthafucka there you goI’ma bust em on yo ass if you don’t ease up off me hoCause trill niggas don’t carry no sugar in they nutsacJust big fat balls and a trigga in they backpackSo you gon give me my money, but you don’t hear me thoughBut I bet you hear me when I fill you with bulletholesP.A. nigga, trill ass nigga, How you figga you can buck me down nigga?Mr. big man, Mr. big time, give me what’s mineInstead of buying cars for a bitch named sunshineGive me what’s mine, give me what’s minebefore it come down to triggas

Shit, it’s the return of the trill ass niggas

BitchIt’s the return of the trill ass niggas UhIt’s the return of the trill ass niggasBut you can’t hear me

It’s the return of the trill ass niggas bitch

(Bun B)

Yea muthfuckasI figured you run, I figured you run, when I pullTriggas to guns, that triggas to guns P.A. foolA nigga named Bun, a nigga named Bun, no more sun, no more shineSay hello to the nine milly (Buck!) millameter (Buck! Buck!)Money tight glock, bustin them shotswhen I break yo ass off somethin hotNiggas steady catchin lead to the head, I never aim for the chestMuthafuckas sportin bulletproof vestsSo I guess, when I start blastin, niggas start passin awayDearly beloved, I had yo ass gathered todaySo I can lay you hoes in a line, draw you to a squarePut them hands on yo ass, and bail on outPass the pen, Pimp C and Bird, I take the bluntNow surprise, surpriseI’m gettin chinese eyesIn this bitch here’s a switchI might slang, bang then bail and burn

Scope mean now its the return of the trill ass niggas