UGK Playaz From the South songtekst

(U.G.k) Ya, hahaha…Well I been direct, break yokneck to get a peep of a TRU 11 goddamn fool. I came to sweepyou off your goddamn feet, now pass that sweet & get back, lookin’for action, retaliation, that’s where that shit at. Click clackgoes that pistol, bullets couldn’t win, make a fucked up asswhistle, you know it’s yo dismisal. Now this will nip it intha bud, for my brothaz in tha pen, I gots ta bust 2 nuts, niggawhut? I put it down, keep puttin it down, so I advice hoes tonot fuck around, it’s that underground. Bitch you couldn’t cuttha sound, would blow up, hold up, wrong move, but it’s timeto call tha first family to handle these niggaz. Cuz we alltha work, you bitch niggaz made your eyez burn, I’m fo sure thatthese G’z goin’ fo’, fo’ fo, & blow fo’ blow. It’s Silkk,Master P, & U.G.K front door, front row, slow it down hoe, you know?Chorus: Playaz from tha south stack gee’z, flippin’ tighton that white with that candy on them gold D’z (x4)(Master P) Foolz hate tha P cuz I’m bout it {bout it}got them black soldierz owned & I’m rowdy. Ready to bust on thanigga that talkin’ shit, I’m bad like J’Sun, but compare me withthem other niggaz, cuz I aaint shrive placin’. Y’all niggaz gone off that fried black. I had fucked mo’ niggaz in tha gamethen a quarter bag. I got them thinkin, killin them keyz, I’mfuckin them devil done deeds, I’m trippin them keyz, tryna’ makethis dope into quarter keyz. Ask me where I’m from, New Orleans{New Orleans} Where them niggaz in tha projects be ballin’slangin’ that Iceberg & Plirens, runnin’ from tha sirens{sirens}Don’t know how to completely work, tha fuck how to triple beam.Eliminate niggaz like Kelgon{Kelgon} if there was a muthafuckin’band I’d be a Baraton{Baraton}. C tha P is from that muthafuckin’Calliope{Calliope} where them niggaz who bootin’ up & have gold teethdon’t give a fuck bout a hoe{hoe}, & niggaz cuttin’ on that watawata{wata wata}. We bout it bout it, don’t give a fuck bout seeingno muthafuckin’ tomorrow, & won’t stop, send me to tha pen, I won’tstop till them muthafuckin’ saints go marchin’ in.Chorus(Silkk) 1-2-3, you know Silkk a G (a G) all aboutthat muthafuckin’ mayo (mayo). Gold on my ride, front backside 2 side, you know a nigga all about tha sells. I’m in frontof tha nigga that front, nigga ask yo bitch ass to come. I’mfrom that 3rd Ward (uptown) in other words I run this shit iight,chill. For them niggaz that boast, I’ll be like Blast ’em (blast em)WAtch tha ground, before it gets full of smoke, & watch how it goeslike faster. Shit aint gonna fuckin’ change nigga, I think not,cuz I be on tha same block, same house, same spot, same glock, butmore rock. Fuck whut ya heard, recognize whut I be sayin’, but y’allI aint never gonna die, so when U.G.K, Master P, & I be Down SouthHustlin’, I wasn’t surprised. Cuz I be tha man ta stand, I’mbound ta make a mil. Whoomp there it is, y’all haven’t heard, buty’all bitches will. Believe me, I got 2 for 3, 4 for 5, hollahat ya boy if ya need, & bitch I’m out (fading)*chorus*(Pimp C) Now do you blame me? A sweet for everybitch that I fuck, you have to bring 4 18 wheelers, fill em fromback to front. I’m Pimp C bitch, ain’t no mistakin’, niggaztryin’ to get tha cheeze, but bitch I be gettin’ bacon. Wouldit candy just an every day thang rubb’n butt, because you liketha way that my 5 wheel & my wheel look. Cuz I be comin’ down,cuz my heart be TRU, I’m fuckin’ ya boo, gettin’ a screw, niggawhut up wit choo? I lived & wept fo ya nigga he had it comin’.I represent my shit, cuz nigga I can’t be no harder, & justbecause we do popo, bitches be thankin’ we don’t have a fuckin’pocket full of stones. A drug deala with killaz, sip syrupwith murderaz, put food in my mouth incase you bitches ain’theard of us. Nigga, I live for tha bush, I live for tha crush,I’m down with rich & royal muthafuckin’ flush, whut?? Ya,tha muthafuckin’ organize noise boy, wassup?*chorus*

*Pimp C in background talkin*