UGK Hi Life songtekst

Chorus:Hi LifeWe livin’ that hi lifeHi Life (Hi Life…mmmmmmmmmm)We livin’ that hi life…mmmmmmmmmmmPimp C:I’m tired livin’ fucked up, tired of livin’ badTired of hearing grandma tellin’ meWhen you gonna go to church ChadNow I’m tryin’ to live up to the imageThat she would want me to beBut I got one foot in the streetAnd every week I flip a KiI never wanted to be a G But niggas depend on meIt ain’t safe to hit I-10So niggas fear with meAnd all the niggas that I went to school witGot cool wit, went to fool witI dealt selling that white shitPushin’ cocaine, niggas holding pistolsDependant on the gameWhat ya want me to do, its like somebody cut my throatGot $20,000, tryin’ to turn it to a hundredAnd ain’t nobody got no doughSo niggas came to smoke, bad habits do existAnd if this bitch came thinking to ease my mindBy sucking my dickBitch make up for a minute cause that ship never lastsIn 1996 niggas is dyin’ from layin’ on that assFirst Magic Johnson got it, then Eazy-E diedAnd you wonder why yo’ niggas out there smokin’ fryI wish that I could tell you I wore a rubber everytimeBut if I told you that nigga you know that I be lyin’And I’ve been fucking pussy since the tender age of nineIt’s gettin’ to be a full-time job just tryin’ to stay aliveAnd Crackers tend to smirk, offended by the weed smoke comin’ off my shirtBut still I puts in work and front for my folksCause where I come from nigga, family just ain’t no jokeNow D be gettin’ married, and Edgar on the boatBut what about Baby Doe, some say that nigga’s selling dopeAnd you know that I ain’t lyin’, that just how family talkBut what you gonna do when the Devil poke you with his forkAnd everybody sittin’ in the pulpit ain’t savedMost preachers are false prophetsFuckin’ hoes and gettin’ paidI’m lookin’ for the…ChorusBun B:You only got one life to liveThat’s all they give you to do itYou could bullshit your way through itOr stay true, it can be complicated cause niggasBe gettin’ shot in the crossPeople and names get lost The people in the lane get tossedThe streets’ll eat your ass aliveTake your positions with pistols, bare hands, and knivesAnd nobody’s surprised if somebodyDon’t survive the dusk to see dawnIt’s treacherous how we was left to dieOn the streets that we be onMotherfuckers sleepin’ on them corners that you pee onProbably cause society felt they didn’t belongNow who in the fuck made it this way for usGot all these little niggas slangin’ that yayBecause it ain’t like they make high levels gainableAnd that punk piece of American pie just ain’t obtainableSo how can I substain a full life before deathMan, I’m left out here to make it by my goddamn selfNow c’mon, who gives a damn when you can’t afford the turkey or hamLivin’ off of Raemon Noodles, beef jerky, and SpamNow that’s sad, but that’s a fact of lifeAll I can see in front of me is up for grabsCome off that slabCause poverty will push a nigga over that brinkOver the edge especially if you don’t know your ledgeSo instead of being without, I’m hustlingTryin’ to get through these ungodly daysThinkin’ of ways to get the fuck outta this mazeA man will committ a crime ’cause a fuckin’ crime paysI’m going through a phase you don’t grow outUntil there’s a reason a mother fuckers gots to pour outHis 40 on the curb, disturbed and left with no doubt in his mindBut still sometimes he don’t know whyHe walkin’ around just hopin’He can get one more try to make itIt’s bullshit he going through, but yo, he gots to take it

You can’t fake it, to get that hi life