UGK Good Stuff songtekst

Intro (Pimp C):Where the hoes, where the hoesLookin’, lookin’, tighten up, tryin’ to tighten upWhere the hoes, where the hoesCheck it outVerse 1 (Pimp C):I’m coming down candy, I put in my workGot a $10,000 link medalion hangin’ on a $2000 shirtThe game’s been goodAnd all the hoes wanna sit on leather and the woodBitches tryin’ to price my diamondsBut that shit is just so common’Cause they see a nigga shinin’But I’m movin’ too fast96 karats if you think that you could manageGot the drink and the saladNow the bitch is on the ?I’m comin’ down Gulf way, I’m tryin’ to see what’s upI see big ass and some tittiesNow we flippin’ in the ‘Bourbon to the cityThe attitude’s shitty but I bought no plexAin’t talkin’ ’bout the Malcolm but I’m ridin’ on the XThe highway was so wet, I’m slippin’ out my laneThe bitch was on her knees, but now she’s runnin’ me a gameI bet you never seen a big truck like thatI bet you never got a dick sucked like thatThe bitch didn’t know that I was tapin’ the whole sceneNow we watchin’ that bitch suck me on a 5 piece screenThe glitter and the gleam, we saw them in the showChauffeurs and the sofas, hotel pictures and the hoesI got the haters, and the jackers, and the million dollar crackersTryin’ to close me down, but I got ghetto loveI’m Pimp C bitch, I’m comin’ down richer than richSo bitch you know you gotta gimme good stuffChorus:Lookin’ for that good stuffBa ba ba ba da da daTighten up on that backstrokeBa ba ba ba da da daLookin’ for that good stuffTighten up on that backstrokeComin’ down on fresh paintBlowin’ Swisher Sweet smokeVerse 2 (Bun-B):We flippin’ worldwide, P.A.T. International jetsettersBigger than the Hollywood lettersBut don’t get us confused, you lose when you bet usBreakin’ off the jealous with pitch black BarettasMy fellas and tellers who holdin’ plates against them Texas boysBringin’ the noise to haters in 9-6 plexLike you major boy you have done played yourselfToo $hort smoked you like a Newport, and you boughtA one-way ticket to something bigger than youOver your head and got scaredExactly what I figured you’d doNow who you kiddin’, I’m slangin’, bangin’, and skiddin’Busta playa moves and if you done it and did itAs I sit in the lap of luxuryDEA is tryin’ to stick bugs to meUndercover motherfucker tried to sell drugs to meWhat could be more throwMafioso puttin’ bombs under my loadNever show no grief miss the signs in the climateNow I’m comin’ down shinin’Pieces and chains full of diamondsI’m winin’ and dinin’ and caligulaPretty boys gettin’ off the hookBitches sayin’ but I’m diggin’ yaBut I know that make ya mega crunkAnd make ya make it man it make a niggas wanna pop trunkGot skunk from the Rasta, eatin’ steak and lobster

Like a mobster and gots to be lookin’ for the good stuff