U2 Ultraviolet (Light My Way) songtekst

Sometimes I feel like I don’t knowSometimes I feel like checkin’ outI want to get it wrongCan’t always be strongAnd love it won’t be long…Oh sugar, don’t you cryOh child, wipe the tears from your eyesYou know I need you to be strongAnd the day is as dark as the night is longFeel like trash, you make me feel cleanI’m in the black, can’t see or be seenBaby, baby, baby…light my way(alright now)Baby, baby, baby…light my wayYou bury your treasureWhere it can’t be foundBut your love is like a secretThat’s been passed aroundThere is a silence that comes to a houseWhere no one can sleepI guess it’s the price of loveI know it’s not cheap(oh, come on)Baby, baby, baby…light my way(oh, come on)Baby, baby, baby…light my wayOh…ultraviolet…Ultraviolet…Ultraviolet…Ultraviolet…Baby, baby, baby…light my wayI rememberWhen we could sleep on stonesNow we lie togetherIn whispers and moansWhen I was all messed upAnd I had opera in my headYour love was a light bulbHanging over my bedBaby, baby, baby…light my way(oh, come on)Baby, baby, baby…light my wayUltraviolet…[Repeat 4 times]Baby, baby, baby…Baby, baby, baby…Baby, baby, baby…light my way[Repeat 3 times]

Baby, baby, baby…light my way