U2 The Playboy Mansion songtekst

If Coke is a mysteryMichael Jackson…HistoryIf beauty is truthAnd surgery the fountain of youthWhat am I to doHave I got the gift to get me throughThe gates of that mansionIf OJ is more than a drinkAnd a Big Mac bigger than you thinkIf perfume is an obsessionAnd talk shows, confessionWhat have we got to loseAnother push and we’ll be throughThe gates of that mansionI never bought a Lotto ticketI never parked in anyone’s spaceThe banks feel like cathedralsI guess casinos took their placeLove, come on downDon’t wake her, she’ll come aroundChance is a kind of religionWhere you’re damned for plain hard luckI never did see that movieI never did read that bookLove, come on downLet my numbers come aroundDon’t know if I can hold onDon’t know if I’m that strongDon’t know if I can wait that long’Til the colours come flashingAnd the lights go onThen will there be no time for sorrowThen will there be no time for shameAnd though I can’t say whyI know I’ve got to believeWe’ll go driving in that poolIt’s who you know that gets you throughThe gates of the Playboy mansionBut they don’t mention…the painThen will there be no time for sorrowThen will there be no time for shameThen will there be no time for sorrow

Then will there be no time for shame