Tupac Ghetto Star songtekst

For all my low life thug niggas, For all my niggas in the hood, Livin the life of a ghetto star, Ha ha ha Makavelli, Just holla my name And witness game official Niggas is so shame They stare stiff like scared bitches While I remain inside a paradox Gone my block Though gun shots is promised to me when will I stop I hit the weed And hope to god I can fly high Witness my enemies Die when I ride by They shouldn’ta tried me Send they bodies to they parents up north With they faces they wrists and they nuts cut off Fuck em all what I scream as I dream in tons, Fuck a trick, get me rich n the bitches’ll come, bust ma gun make em all scatta, bullets to my nuts only made my balls fatta, eat her dead bee-yatch..mercy neva that, you said u comin back bring it on foeva straped, introduce ya to tha pleasure n tha pain, u could go so far, just sell me ya soul, live tha life of a ghetto star i live the life of thug nigga, drug deala livin game tight mug nigga, slug nigga split tha fame like, laced with game, practice on takin pain, equipped same and let it rain thru ya brain, street smart, proficeint intellegent, and keep sukaz hittin till snitchs start smellin movin niggaz with telekinesis, keepin channel at work feelin different featuraz, leadin niggaz to an early death with they head blown, and to those who didn’t make it to the morgue, which is dead n gone, and hope niggaz got fun, kidnapped jacked in the back, with next to they cataracts? they get done, back chat, they toast his ass out, mob related momma my nigga found shot up with his dick in his mouth, print it my name in these streets, as a mutha fuckin g, now the next generations lookin worse off than me Walkin thru tha cemetary, talkin to my homies that was buried, say my enemies wanna see me dead I ain’t worried, forgive me please give me shelter calm my fears, lifted my head from my hand that’ll ball me tears, I see bodies gettin splashed with acid, 2 shots ring from the plasted guy wrapped in plastic, bury tha bastard, time to notify, his family…shiet.. ain’t nothin left to be identify, evacuate the crime scene fast, why? i heard the feds have a warrent fo my ass, fly i won’t touch down till i see tijauna, setup a shop sellin them crooked cops marijuana, label me a success,i made tha switch, retired from the life that neva gave me shit,

but cash that i couldn’t spend, countless cars and adict fo a wife, tmy life as a ghetto star