Toni Braxton Let It Flow songtekst

First thing early Monday morningI’m gonna pack my tears awayGot no cause to look backI’m looking for a better dayYou see the thing ’bout loveIs that it’s not enoughIf the only thing it brings you is painThere comes a time when we could all make a changeCHORUSJust let goAnd let it flow, let it flow, let it flowEverything’s gonna work out right, Y’ knowLet go, and let it flow, let it flow, let it flowJust let it goDon’t nobody want no broke heartAnd don’t nobody want no two time losersAin’t nobody gonna love you like you areIf you take whatever he brings you awayYou see the thing of itIs we deserve respectBut we can’t demand respect without changeThere comes a time when we must go our own wayCHORUSSometimes love it can work out rightSometimes you’ll mever knowBut if it brings you only pain in your life

Don’t be affraid to let it go