Timbaland Spida-Man (Here We Come) songtekst

[Timbaland]Another one[Playa – CHORUS]Here we come, so wave your handsFor Missy, Maganoo, and TimbalandWe gon’ show you how the party breakSo pass the UHH to get me hypedBut wait, we gonna party tonight…[Magoo – Verse One]If you’re livin’ for nothin’, then start livin’ for lifeIf you’re having a baby, then make her your wifeIf you’re up in the club where the dubs start the tankSell to the highest bid, put the cash in the bankWhen I’m up in your booty, you can “hoo” to my blowsDamn miss, but please honey child, don’t kissAll I want is a freak when I’m up in the clubMaybe after the dance, then let’s jump in the tubI’m a nigga wit’ class, you’re a girl with a jobTaste on my neck like corn on the cobI’m second to none, freaky as everGo downtown, “Well I never”[Timbaland – Verse Two]Uh, uh, uh, uhI’m the man, that they call TimbalandAnd he deserves the word, the bird understandsWe gon’ party, til the sun comes upBartender, you forgot to fill up my cupAin’t no stoppin’, til the draws start poppin’There won’t be no beef unless the disc stop jockin’She said this, and he said thatAnd he said that Timbaland can’t rapWell I don’t care, because I make those tracksI make you bounce and wiggle, and do this and thatTimbaland, where you live at?VA baby, believe dat[Missy – Verse Three]Aiyyo, aiyyoNow I’m rich, I once was poorIf you’re late with my dough, then there’s no showI grease my hair and it still won’t growIf you feel my butt, boy you gotta goOut the back for touchin’ my backFor trying to jack, every Timbaland trackMaganoo, where you was?they been bitin; our style, those silly bugsWhere’s the spray? I’ma spray ’em goodSo the next time they bite, then they die like “Ugh”I’ma roll up the biggest dutchieGet some sweets cuz I got the munchies[Playa {Aaliyah} (Timbaland) – CHORUS]Here we come, so wave your hands (wave yo hands)For Missy, Maganoo, and Timbaland (and Timbaland)We gon’ show you how the party break So pass the UHH to get me hyped (UHH..to get me hyped)Alright, we gonna party tonight (Aight, we gon party, we gon party, say it,uhh)Here we come, so wave your hands (wave yo hands) {Yea}For Missy, Maganoo, and Timbaland (and Timbaland) {Yea}We gon’ show you how the party break {Yea}So pass the UHH to get me hyped (UHH..to get me hyped) {Yea}Alright, we gonna party tonight (Aight, we gon party, we gon party, say it,uhh)[Magoo – Verse Four]Hehe, yeaGirl, I’m the bar, open up five rumEverybody wanna get a buzz, get some9 out of 10, all girls gonna freakJust gon’ depend on who they gonna freakThose kinds that floss, all girls know their nameOnly near, chillin’ in the club, no gameBrotha mad at me cuz I got cheddar cheeseWhen the club ?, got his girl on her kneesOld man please, learn the two degreesDegree number one, keep your girl off treesDegree number two, keep your girl ’round youNever trust a girl, Lord knows what she do[Timbaland – Verse Five]Uh huhTricks – is what I got in my bagHits – is what I make out the labRitz – is the crackers that I eatBitches – is what a man don’t needRubbers – shows I’m on capital levelStutter – is what I do when I’m in trouble[Missy – Verse Six – SINGING]My man, TimbalandHe make beats for the streetsSee, me and MaganooIs the backbone of treesGettin’ high off a boneTellin’ niggas what you onHEY![Missy – Verse Seven – RAPPING]Now, I’m in, the S-L-KI roll up the window, so the dew won’t swaySpray my hairspray so the waves won’t fadeSo when I say stay, them muthafuckas stayOh by the wayMe and Timbaland, we got the beats to make you dance[Repeat CHORUS][Playa (Aaliyah)]Doo-do-do, doo-do-do (Yea)Doo-do-do, doo-doo, doo doo doo (Yea)Doo-do-do, doo-do-do (Yea)Doo-do-do, doo-doo, doo doo doo (Yea)

Doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo doo……..(Yea)