Tag Team Whoomp! (There it is) songtekst

All you peopleOh yeah Tag Team music in full effectThat’s me DC, the brains supremeAnd my man’s Steve Rollin’We’re kicking the flow, we’re kicking the flowAnd it goes a little something like thisTag Team back againCheck it your record let’s beginParty on, party people let me hear some noiseDC’s in the house, jump jump rejoiceThere’s a party over here, a party over thereWave your hands in the air, shake your derriereThere three words ’til you’re getting busyWhoomp, there it is (repeat)Upside down, and inside outI’m about to show all you folks, what it’s all aboutNow it’s time for me to get on the micAnd make this Motherfuckin’ party hotI’m taking it back to the old school’cause I’m a old fool, who’s so coolIf you wanna get down, I’m gonna show you the wayWhoomp, there it is (repeat with ad lib)Point blank, soon as you start drinkingThen and then, as a perfect 10Rock the mic, oh oh I play skinRip, find a honey, just to dip it inSlam dunk it, stick it, flip it and rideThat B O O T Y, oh myOoh that’s it, come on come onWhoomp there it is, I’m fineWhoomp, there it is (repeat with ad lib)Some say I’m crazy, ’cause I’m pushing up daisiesThe underground sound,that you have found amazingNow standing, demanding, commanding,you people dancingThat’s breath-taker, I produce they can ace,the undertakerYou want to come down to the underground,old schoolHere’s a shovel, can you dig it foolCan you dig it (repeat)You can dig it (repeat)W H O O M P as I flow, to the flashFrom the school of old hardcore, the folklore wreck3 to the 2 where one might checkMy skill flow ill, on the mass of steelThat’s the thrill of the microphoneI’d just killParty people,where’s your party Tag Team is throughWhoomp there it is, I thought you knewWhoomp, there it is (repeat with ad lib)Yeah Tag Team music coming straight at youThat’s me DC, the brains supremeAnd my man Steve Rollin’Bring it back to you all, bring it back you all,bring it backHere we go

Whoomp, there it is (repeat)