Styx Sing For The Day songtekst

Hannah you’re with me in spirit wherever I goTo the ends of the earth and all points between high and lowEach night by the stage you appear as you areThe ever intangible childAgeless and timeless as Dorian GreyOh Hannah I know that it’s you and you’re leading me onHannah you’re my inspiration my fountain of youthAnd as your surrogate leader I’m bound in your searach for the truthAnd yes how the truth rushes outWhen it’s become honestly clearI see your anxious and curious eyesBut Hannah I need you as much as you think you need mecome to your window tonight and we’ll fly to your dreamsAnd we’llCHORUSSing for the day sing for the momentSing for the time of your lifeCome for an hour stay for a momentStay for the rest of your lifeHannah don’t fail me I need you like never beforeFather time’s at my back on my heelsBehind every door (and he says)Son when the youth has but gone from your faceWill she give you up for one younger than youOh Hannah please tell me the things that he says are untrue

Hannah I’m honestly hoping you’ll always be there