Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel Sebastian songtekst

Radiate simply, the candle is burningso low for meGenerate me limply, I can`t seem to placeyour name, cherieTo rearrange all these thoughts in a momentis suicideCome to a strange place, we`ll talk over old timeswe never spiedSomebody called me SebastianSomebode called me SebastianWork out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me .-you`re mineAnd we all know, oh yeah !Your persian eyes sparkle, your lips – ruby blue -don`t speak a soundYou, oh so gay, with parisian demands,you can run – aroundAnd your view of society screws up my mindlike you`ll never knowLead me away, come inside,see my mind in kaleidoscopeSomebody called me SebastianSomebody called me SebastianLove me sublime, mangle my mind -do it in styleso we all know , oh yeah !You`re not gonna run, baby we`ve only just begun, babyto compromiseSlagged in a bowery saloon love`s a storywe`ll serialisePale angel face,green-eye shadow, the glitteris outasideNo courtesan could begin to decipheryour beam of lightSomebody called me SebastianSomebody called me SebastianDance on my heart, laugh swoop and dart,la-di-di-da

Now we all know you , yeah !