So Solid Crew U Dont Know Me songtekst

they don’t know how i spitthey dont know that i won’t quitim gonna make a stop to all this bullshitniggas wanna test me, thas a noim jus a lil girl but i heat up mics when i flowi start up on the mic, EXPLOSIVE!people oughta pimp n play like dey know disbut they neva see Lana get ferociousi gotta showdisim gonna blow disHAH! in ur face ! open ur mouth give u a taste ….mmmmmmim more than a lovermore than a womanmore than enough for youim Every Girlz Idol,BiTchEs FiGht4 my Title,HoEz HAte me N RaTe me Just Cuz They Aint me,U Think U Hot N U Think U It,But Compared2 me U Aint SHIT!~StRuTiN my StUfF sHaKiN my BoOty i am just a FuLL TyMe QT,StOp HoNkiN uR HoRnZ n ScReAmiN my nAmE

cUz i aLrEaDy No i goT u INSANE