Smashing Pumpkins Porcelina of the Vast Oceans songtekst

As far as you take me, that’s where I believeThe realm of soft delusions, floating on the leavesOn a distant shoreline, she waves her arms to meAs all the thought police, are closing in for sleepThe dilly dally, of my bright lit stayThe steam of my misfortunesHas given me the power to be afraidAnd in my mind I’m everyoneAnd in my mindWithout a care in this whole worldWithout a care in this lifeIt’s what you take that makes it rightPorcelina of the oceans blueIn the slipstream, of thoughtless thoughtsThe light of all that’s good, the light of all that’s trueTo the fringes gladly, I walk unadornedWith gods and their creationsWith filth and diseasePorcelina, she waits for me thereWith seashell hissing lullabyesAnd whispers fathomed deep inside my ownHidden thoughts and alibisMy secret thoughts come alive

Without a care in this whole world