Shanice You Were The One songtekst

I know things don’t last foreverbut I thought that you were trueI guess I’ve been mistakencause our love is done and throughIt hurts mecause I know I was true to youand I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done to youChorusoo-oo-oo babyyou were the one for mebaby can’t you seeyou shouldn’t have set me freeand oh why did you let me goI thought our love could growyou know I loved you soyou were the oneI don’t know why you left meall I know is that you’re goneI wish I could change your feelingsbut I guess my life goes onIt hurts mecause I thought you’d always be therebut what I seeyou really didn’t carelove is so unfaircause I thoughtChorusI know it’s hard for you to seehow much you meant to meand if it’s really meant to bethen you’ll come backIf loving you is still a possibilitywhen you return I’ll be there for youcasue in my heart I’ll always love youChorusI’m gonna miss you babyI know you’re gonna miss me too’cause you knowyou were the one

and you will always be the one for me