Sepultura Troops Of Doom songtekst

Total Eclipse Hides The EarthThe Night Of Doom Has ComeAntichrist Soldiers Are ProclaimedTo Send Souls To The HellCatastrophe And DestructionMankind Is Slaughtered Without MercySuphul Clouds Are In The AirLegions Winds Corrose The UniverseThe Messiah, Redeemers Of MankindChained In The Valley Of HadesCrowds Blinded By EvilOnly Death Is RealTotal DestructionWalls Of ChurchesStained By BloodAltars Burning In The FlamesThe Doom Cries Out For InsanityThe Nuclear War Announces The End Of The WorldThe Mankind Is Buried And ForgottenProphets Foresee The Doom

They Foresee The Triumph Of Your Death