Robbie Williams Mack The Knife songtekst

Oh the shark has pretty teeth, dearAnd he shows them pearly whiteJust a jack knife has MacHeath, dearAnd he keeps it out of sight When the shark bites with his teeth, dearScarlet billows start to spreadFancy gloves though wears MacHeath, dearSo there’s not a trace of redOn the sidewalk, Sunday morningLies a body oozing lifeSomeone’s sneaking round the cornerIs the someone Mack the knife?From a tug boat by the riverA cement bag’s dropping downThe cement’s just for the weight, dearBet you Mack is back in townLouie Miller disappeared, dearAfter drawing out his cashAnd MacHeath spends like a sailorDid our boy do something rash?Sukey Tawdry, Jenny DiverPolly Peachum, Lucy BrownOh the line forms on the right, dear

Now that Mack is back in town