Robbie Williams Killing Me songtekst

i dont mind the abuseit fills the timewhen im not much usebut its killing me, killing me slowlythey all sayim too restlessbut words cut deepwhen you’re defenceless and they’re killing me, but killing me slowlythere was a time when we were fineand i could tolerate youi do believe that you should leave’cos ive grown to hate youshould i be weak and turn my cheek’cos im scared to fallbut i just dont know youand you dont know me at allive been told that loves a celebrationbut ive lost faith through frustrationand its killing me, but killing me slowlyyou paint my picture blackthe jokes on meand i dont wanna laughremember the good timeswont you bring them back someday, somehowi dont mind feeling blueif i could smile just like you doand its killing me, killing me slowlyi cant go on alonepretending nothings wrongmaybe i just want to belong

somewhere, somehow, somehow