Red Hot Chili Peppers Love Trilogy songtekst

And when it doesIt’s a crazy kind ofSelective affectionMy love flows like a wise guy’s tiein the zaniest of directionsMy love protection, my love erectionYou better get some of my infectionMy love can be bigger thanThe hoover damMy love can hide behindA grain of sandMy love for life is fueled byThe love for my manI love his mother andThe silly mystic manSome people think he’s badThey say he doesn’t laughAnd ask my dadMy love is death to apartheid ruleMy love is deepest depth, the ocean bluesMy love is the zulu grooveMy love is keep it or moveMy love is a laughin’ boozedMy love is the pussy juiceMy love can’t be refusedMy love is gettin’ my foodMy love, my loveMy love began from loveMy love for an unknown grubby bumMy love for the baby suckin’ on his thumbMy love for the best set of bunsMy love for the feel of the drumsMy love for a butter knuckle handsMy love for the swedes in the bandMy love for the legs that I spinMy love for the fat mingyMy love, my loveMy love is my gross inner selfMy love is my dick in my headMy love is my gross inner self

My love is my dick in my head