R Kelly Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) songtekst

Listen girl you want me but he needs youYet you’re tellin’ me that everything is coolTryin’ to convince me baby to do as you sayJust go along and see things your way[1] – And keep it on the down low Nobody has to knowWe can keep it on the down lowNobody has to knowSecret lovers is what you wanna beWhile making love to him girl you’re silently calling on meWhat is a man to do in a situation like this?I feel there is something that I don’t wanna miss[Repeat 1][Repeat 1]Beautiful you are but you’re his by farComin’ by my way drivin’ his fancy carMaking plans to be in my life foreverTell me, tell me that we’ll always be together[Repeat 1][Repeat 1]

Listen babe I won’t whisper a word