Pussycat Mississippi songtekst

GWhere you can hear a countrysong from farDAnd someone plays the honky-tonk guitarGWhere all the lights will go out one by oneA7 DThe people join the sun û and the wind takes it away.GWhere the Mississippi rows down to the seaAbd lovers find the place they`d like to beHow many times before the song was endingLove and understanding û everywhere aroundG D GChorus Mississippi û I remember youDWhenever I should go away û I`ll be longing for the dayA7 DAnd I will be in dreams againG D GMississippi û you`ll be on my mindC G DEvery time I hear this song û Mississippi rowed alongGUntil the end of time.Gitarrensolo auf: C / C / G / GGNow the country song forever lost it`s soulWhen the guitar player turned to Rock`n rollAnd every time the summer nights are fallingI always will be calling û dreams of yesterdayG C GChorus Mississippi … …everytime I hear this songD G

Mississippi rowed along – until the end of time