Puff Daddy I'll Do This For You songtekst

Puffy] (Mase) |Kelly|Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c’mon)Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c’mon)We up now |Baby, I like it|Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c’mon)(Uh uh c’mon) |I like it babe|(Uh uh c’mon)(C’mon c’mon c’mon)They’re back[Puffy]Yo, now nobody party like we partyYou wouldn’t know ’till you cats see me partyI hardly sip bacardiSo your clique think a nigga to pretty to sip a mixed drink (uh uh)But chicks think when they see I be a V.I.P. D-I-double D-YBe the cat that kick back, bring all the stars outSame cat you know bring all the cars out (yep yep)All our street cats buy all the bars out (yep yep)Don’t know whatch’all ’bout but I’m livin’ it upTen mill’ yeah, I’m bigger than whatSo you know on the low when I blow, niggas givin’ it up (they got to)They know why everything I touch is so flyMult-I so I stay swimmin’ in cho-chiAll day the niggas from New York to NorwayMy name hold more weight than Broadway1 – [Kelly Price]You like the way I do the things I doIt’s all for youNo way to fill my shoesCuz all I do, I do for youThe mo cheddar, the mo betterEver since I was young I was a go-getterAnd you should know better to call Puff the coketellerKnowin’ I’m a Hummer wholesalerAnd you should know thisI’m a poet, got money won’t show itI’m like Russell plus I got the right hussleTalk slick, I might bust youWatch your manners, I be on the camerasI be the next cat down in AtlantisOr Pacific to be specific, lifestyle too terrificHop in the van shop when we landDon’t worry bout the pilot chattin’ in the Chopper’s my manI ain’t only from Harlem, I’m from the HeartlandWhen I got problems I send in a dark vanCats in the street treat me like a mob manBeen number one so much, call me Mr. Chart ManRepeat 1Yo, I tried to hold back, I can’t hold backY’all could be all that, I want it all backI sat back, let niggas get they doughI played the cut and let niggas rip they showSip they mo’, watch niggas pop they Cris’Cop they whip, brag about they watch and shitBut watch this shit, I’mma put a stop to thisI got to flip, the v’s niggas pop the shit, come onAnd I been copped the six, been droppin’ hitsBeen rock my wrist, and flood my dialThese haters be hatin, but love my styleAnd ladies go crazy, they love my smileP. Diddy the man push Bentley Sedan, niggaGet money, that’s simply the planTrue Chocolate Mack who’s pocket’s fatYou wanna rock nigga, rock to that with Bad BoyRepeat 1 while:[Mase] (Puffy)Yep yep, All OutYep yep, H WorldYep yep, Bad BoyYep yep, wanna blowYep yep, I’m a problemYep yep, can I beYep yep, Crime Fam’Yep yep, suga sugaUh uh uhUh uh uhUh uh uhUh uh, uh uh (Yeah, we up now)Uh uh uh uh uh (yeah, yeah, true that)Uh uh uh uh uhAll Out, we back we back(We gon’ see what you could do now cuz we up now)Yeah Baby Stase, Blinky Blink

(It’s our time, come on, come on, come on, come on)