Puff Daddy Do You Know? songtekst

Then, there are the times in my lifeWhen I feel, trappedFeel there’s, no way outNo escapeTo be honest, I don’t know where my life is goinWhere I’ll end up atI just don’t knowVerse One: Puff DaddyI looked back and saw the cat focus, took noticeStayed away from the bogus, til his rise beganPhillies stacked his grand played the brokesttil he seemed hopeless, soon to be the dopest, cat cominTrack stunnin, fame singin, his name ringinMoney starts to pile, honeys start to wildTop notch drop top make everything he drop hotHe dream, visualize, plot and schemeGot the cream legally without the beamWitcha fire eye drive slow, 8-5-0Jet black tint still, they might knowWho the cat controllin the strings of rap and R&BTrapped inside of a movie starrin me, so farChorus: repeat 2X Do you know where you’regoin to? Do you like the things thatlife is showing you? Where are you going to?Do you know?Verse Two: Puff DaddyShorty was brimmin, singin, hangin with cats who move bricksHeard she do backflips, for niggaz who stack chipsSuck for dough, now she fuck for Bills up in BuffaloReal G’s makin her back swellOnly givin head to those niggaz who rapped wellOwned a black cell, flip it, sippin on Whitman cool mintsRumors spread, half a G she took, six or moreTwo bagged up, four went rawBack of my mind countin up the big scoreViolators from the door, she lookin up from the floorSore from all the pain her body couldn’t ignoreSo far from pure, rotten to the coreEither or, for sure, trapped inside the world of a whoreChorusVerse Three: Puff DaddyHard to cope with, all these niggaz and dope whipswith cash flow, motherfuckers that gotta flash goldto bag hoes, they not nice, 600 circle the block twiceIn they Roleys they rock ice, to get they hit onBitches dyin to get on, suck a dick or get shit onDon’t understand they playin wit itPlayers get these bitches open and let they man hit itFuck that, you can trust that, if I had a gunI’d release slugs black and bust backSee how these players love that, to the point whereI can’t take it, I’m a playa hater, I can’t fake itI wanna spill myself, to feel the thrill myselfAnd since I can’t be a player, wanna kill myself, trustChorus w/ variationsI been on this road for a long time nowAt time it seems like the road is never gonna endOn this road there’s a lotta, hills and mountainsPeaks and valleysEven a lot of potholes on this roadIt’s never smooth, on the road of lifeI don’t know where I’m goingI just know where I wanna end up atChorus w/ variationsLord can you help me get there?Please let me get there

*piano interlude, Chorus again