Puddle of Mudd Said songtekst

Emotionless I slip in to the blackand there’s no turning back noweveryone around me smoking crackthis tunnel is blindinghallucinating I’m debating life but it’s still moving forwardif I could change the hands of timeWell I’d do it betterJust walk awayjust walk awayjust walk awayfearless I have fell in to a trapand there’s no way around iteveryone is crying in the backmy kin is around mehesistating there’s no second chancewhen you know your a loserkeep on trying keep an open mindI’m caught in a circleJust walk away [x3]Emotionless I slip in to the crackfill as if I’ve fell in to the bluehullucinating there’s no turning backeveryone around me smoking crackJust walk away [x4]

If you even heard a thing I’ve said