Postmen The Morning After songtekst

Today is the day God blessThe morning after IMust confessThem worry IMust be freeJump and riseMake I&I feel alrightToday is the day God blessThe morning after IStart progressNo sorrow to provideMust be freeJump and riseake I&I feel alrightYo, in the morning after the sun will rise, let us greet the daySome of them bad things fade awayIt will make a change, it will rise, live and listenYou can not deny the high provide us in most of our visionsRoots.Speak for the youth, make a wise turnSocial Life firm is my expertise in generalLook you might learnIt once took silence, crooks and violenceNow it’s knowledge and guidanceVibing on the soundPostmen arriving, anticipate it’s up to youIn the morning after there is always a day before to make it throughRun from disaster one day it will comeBecause there is one love, one aim, one God, for revolutionChorusI seize the day for better days like this,Early rise I can’t effort to loose track so ISeize the day, for better days like thisGreet the morning and give thanks to the sky so IRemind myself of days beforeNo more suffering and pain for the poorAnd I remind myself of days not half as good as this oneMove on.ChorusGreetings all earth-beingsFlesh-eating or vegetable-chewingThinking you are better off with potatoes or noodlesIcebergs or sunbursts, Eskimos or NegroesAin’t we all God’s children, cause Him see and know.Remember this day will bring joyFreedom and equality these little boys and girls must be freeOn the count of four hit me offAnd y’ all can sing alongOne billion, two billion, three billion, four billion men strongChorusIt goes (cause) back to the days of furnishingWhen pen and paper wrote DocumentsWe had y’all listen to the most divineThe greatest in timeThe beats couldn’ t carry on rhymeNow it’s glimpse in the darkThe most original artNot even rims on your car couldn’ t shine this hardHit me offWe can flont but it hurts my imagoChanged cargo S80 VolvoRide on the rhythm, the highest alliesIt’s not the size that did them. But the vibes that drivin’The music, how we use it, I produced itCan not refuse itCountless attempts of tackling my campStill it’s E, S.D., Uniq and PostmenOut of millions have we been chosen

Love nobody knows when Postmen begins to judge.