Postmen Long Way songtekst

My man G-Boah, he came a long long wayTo my man Rollarock, he came a long long wayTo my self Anonymous, me came a long long wayTo the Gunmen crew, we came a long long wayTo the Amsterdam mass, they came a long long wayTo the Rotterdam mass, we came a long long wayTo the whole wide world, we came a long long wayTo the Postmen crew, we came a long long way2xTo my rap niggas to come yÆall stay on ya toesBefore the getting is getting yÆall what you really supposeTo many lost flows floss of a old hits to oftenWho keeps getting doe who gets not gets lost menI know the semmi hit em with four in a rowFeelin’ revealing dealin’ with you not anymoreRumors of war remmington talks Make sure you give broadcast abroad acrousseFeelin’ lordCop to keep flouding the streetsWith schemes covered beneathCovers to creep deep haterÆs retreatRock em to sleepEye browsin’ our stepsDo it to death losing what’s keptHad em thinking we sinking but guess whose backOn the streets the first to come first to bleedFirst to announce words first to burst out heatFirst to serve grieveFirst to emerge when in a worst case of beefFirst to spray on your leakHad his dome put to restTwo to the chest his flesh torn apartYou was warn from the start taking that routeLetting his mouth labba now he’s everywhere aboutScattered and battered cause that’ll be what he be looking afterAll people that made you got you labeledSome’ll love most hate youUnderrate your debutSome will praise you its fatalGo play brave youYo fucking with us may God save youChorusYo for the keepin’ peep in to the thoughtGot no reason to aboard sport live as its broadsWe’ve been in courts and we’ve served timeIn the fort they heard mineMurder occurred it be the word it was my first timeI know they love to have niggas here do soYou slipping you’ll catch a clippingTill they cut you down slowFrom the docks to blocks in bimreBrothas been through it beforeFuck a hand me down put in work doing dirt that’s all they knowYo revelated I made it creative with songsWhether you hate it related I rate it afraid of the launchMeditated stay motivated paid every monthRiding from out of my hiding IÆll be vibing surviving amongstPoverty philosophy on how brothas ainÆt having noneFrom Zion to the pyramids to concrete slumsNiggas fight for crumbs with duesThen get blasted for doing wrong

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