Postmen Cocktales songtekst

Now listen do you remember that night at carnivalYou went to mix the song crisis at studio Fendal (yeah)Me and sonny went to a party that nightMy ex was working on my nerves butStill shit was all rightCause it was hot mad steaming and bitches were feenin’I had to take somebody with me at that SaturdayEvening so I ordered a drink and I found my preyI said hey do you mind she said nah I said okayBut hmm where do you live and how do you fuckI thought maybe she got horny with a little bit of luckShe said nah I’m not like that see I’m a modelBy the time we got home that bitch was chewing on my milkbottleBitch you was slick when it came to my dickHey yo miss remember this fat bitch I used to stickAll starstrucked bobbies buckedShe liked it thickAte my shit del rio style but she was counterfeitHot lips around my collar went in deep like the abyssWhat’s her name? Danielle cheesy like mozzarellaE- life the fly fella fell in a trapUpset set up with a friend who went the extra lapYou is gonna bleed claiming my seed claiming my breedIt’s gonna be a mess because you thought you could possesYou mindless I’m pricelessCurse the day you run into me god blessI caught her nibbling on her pinkyBlinking with her spermy eyesAsking me the time knowing dick was on her mindShe was the type to act shySo I replied with a smileCaught her glancing at my frame to see if I was her styleThen with a smile she said:Ain’t you the one that be blowin up spotsLooking like that singing nigga that be playing on the boxKnowing she knew alreadyDon’t get me wrong I ain’t the type to give it upLeaving my reaction like what upPlaying hard to get sweat from my ballsSee I got dick for days for all of y’allActing like she don’t want itBut she kept on respondingFlaunting Jane in my direction now I’m on itMrs. Jungle boogie cockteaser sucking blanketsThrough my stomach breatherYa see these hoes I play’em simple no pussy or riddlesI let their cat sizzle and I give’em finger middleNow play my dick jingle I’m almost busting pimplesI turn big to little genetials crippleLet go in and out flow then I increase the tempoCall my gunz (what up kid)Hey yo let’s double Dutch thisLove is misfit different day different mistressGot to maintain a million names on my hitlistStill some chicks are tricks try to pass me the itchBut I don’t sweat it at six I’m probably banging their sisTreat her like shit when it’s over with she is quickly dismissedMy match was drastic I had fun while it lastedWell I’m the illest sperm donor had sex with MonicaMonifah they posed two hoes in front of the cameraMaintain the stamina boil your body temperatureHeated the big but I beat itHard caliber large start pushingMy ragga push made a touchÚ pussy soufflÚNever had a bad dayProceed when having headaches fucked rhonda in a red HondaMy dick found his way into the bush like an AnacondaRagamuffin bust it me don’t care about them fashionShe a beauty in the evening a broken gal in the morningBedroom assassinator mad lady loving multiple husband

Laughing at kids who don’t know it’s their lady I’m fucking