Police Tea in the Sahara songtekst

My sisters and IHave this wish before we die.And it may sound strangeAs if our minds are deranged.Please don’t ask us whyBeneath the sheltering skyWe have this strange obsessionYou have the means in your possession.We want our tea in the Sahara with you.We want our tea in the Sahara with you.The young man agreedHe would satisfy their needSo they danced for his pleasureWith a joy you could not measure.They would wait for him hereThe same place every year.Beneath the sheltering skyAcross the desert he would fly.Tea in the Sahara with you.Tea in the Sahara with you.The sky turned to black-Would he ever come back?They would climb a high duneThey would pray to the moon.But he’d never return,So the sisters would burnAs their eyes searched the landWith their cups full of sand.Tea in the Sahara with you.

Tea in the Sahara with you……….