Notorious Big Somebody's Gotta Die songtekst

Verse 1:I’m sittin in the crib dreamin about Leer jets and coupesThe way Salt shoops and how they sell records like SnoopOops!I’m interrupted by a doorbell3:52, who the hellIs this?I gets up quickCocks my shitStop the dogs from barkinThen proceed to walkinIts a face that I seen beforeMy nigga Sing, we used to sling on the sixteenth floorCheck itI look deeperI see blood up on his sneakersAnd his fist gripped a chrome four-fifthSo I dipNigga, is you creepin or speakin?He tells me C-Rock just got it up at the beaconI opens up the door, pitifulIs he in critical?Retaliation for this one won’t be minimalCuz I’m a criminalWay before the rap shitBust the gat shitPuff won’t even know what happenedIf it’s done smoothlySilencers on the UziStash in the hooptieMy alibi, any cutieWith a booty that done fuck the PopHead spinnin, reminiscin bout my man C-RockChorus: Repeat 2 timesSomebody’s gotta dieIf I go, you got to goSomebody’s gotta dieLet the gunshots blowSomebody’s gotta dieNobody got to knowThat I killed yo ass in the mix, bitchVerse 2:Fillin clips he explained our situationPrecisely, so we know exactly what we facinSome kid named Jason In a Honda station wagonWas bragginAbout how much loot and crack he stackinRock had a grip so they formed up a cliqueSmall crewRound the time I was locked up with youTrue indeedBut yo nigga let me proceedDon’t fill them clips too highGive them bullets room to breatheDamn where was I?YeahOne night in townBlew the fuck upD-Rock went homeAnd Jay got stuck the fuck upHit em twiceGot em right for the virginPistol whipped his kidsAnd taped up his wifeHe said “Yo Rock, set em up”, no questionWet em up no lessThan 50 shots in his directionHow many shots?Man nigga, I seen mad holesWhat kinda gats?Hitch links, Cocks, and CalicolesBut fuck thatI know where all tem niggaz rest atIn the buildin hustlinAnd they don’t be strappedSupreme in blackIs downstairs, the engine runninFind a bag to put the guns inAnd c’mon if yo cominChorusVerse 3:Exchanged hugs and pounds before the throw downHow its gonna go downLay these niggas low-downSlow downFuck all that plannin shitRun up in they cribsAnd make em catch the man n shitSee niggas like you do ten year bidsMiss the niggas they wantAnd murder innocent kidsNot IOne niggas in my eyeThat’s JasonAin’t no slugs gonna be wastedRevenge I’m tastin at the tip of my lipsI can’t wait to feel my clip in his hipsPass the chocolateThaiSing ain’t lieThere’s Jason wth his back to meTalkin to his facultyI start to get a funny feelinsPut the mask on in case his niggas start squealinScream his name outSqueeze six knuckles shorter

Nigga turned around holdin his daughter