Notorious Big Notorious Thugs songtekst

Intro 1)(Just) Bone and Biggie Biggie We gonna rock the partyJust Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Rock the party, partyYes Bone and Biggie Biggie Betta run and tell everybodyJust Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Everybody, everybody(Intro 2)(Let’s) Ride let’s ride let’s ride let’s rideGet high, get high, get high, c’monLet’s ride let’s ride let’s ride let’s rideGet high, get high, get high(Intro 3)Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 4X) We gonna rock the partyRock the party, partyJust Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 4X) Betta run and tell everybodyEverybody, everybody(Intro 4)No-to-rious, Thugs Nuthin but them thugstersNuthin but them thugster thugstersNo-to-rious, Thugs Nuthin but them thugstersNuthin but them thugster thugsters(Chorus: Intro 3 and Intro 4 overlapped, Intro 2(Biggie)Armed and dangerous, ain’t too many can bang with usStraight up weed no angel dust, label us NotoriousThug a$$ niggaz that love to bust, it’s strange to usY’all niggaz be scramblin, gamblinUp in restaraunts with mandolins, and violinsWe just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sinHigh off weed and lots of ginSo much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them BenjaminsNigga you should too, if you knewWhat this game’ll do to youBeen in this sh*t since ninety-twoLook at all the bullsh*t I been throughSo-called beef with you know whoF*ck a few female stars or twoThen I bluelight niggaz knew like Mike’s sh*tNot to be f*cked withMotherf*cker better duck quick, causeMe and my dogs love to buck sh*tF*ck the luck sh*t, strictly aimNo aspirations protect the gameSpit yo’ game, talk yo’ sh*tGrab yo’ gat, call yo’ clickSqueeze yo’ clip, hit the right onePass that weed, I got to light oneAll them niggaz I got ta fight oneAll them hoes I got ta like oneOur situation is a tight oneWhatcha gonna do, fight or run?Seems to me that you’ll take theeBone and Big, nigga die slowlyI’ma tell you like a nigga told meCash Rule Everything Around MeSh*t, lyrically, niggaz can’t see meFu*k it, buy the cokeCook the coke, cut it, blow the b*tchBefore you call yourself lovin itNigga you with a Benz fu*kin itDoesn’t it seem odd to youBig come through with moms and crewsGoodfellas to to the Mo Thugs dudesWho’s the killa, me or you?(We forgive you for you know not what you do)(Bizzy)Seven A.M. woke in the morninWith Henny got bean and green and nicotineNo dough so pop a couple of dozeLil Ripsta, nigga Mista CleanNigga Dean, deep in my temple and not to getsentimentally sting, wit myInstrumelody, and heatedespecially for your teamAnd a forty-five indeed will beamin between the scenes destroy your dreamsYou willin to die, we’ll seehow many flees when I cause the sceneWe mean mug, Mo ThugsTrained to be perfect, disciplesWhen it’s survival tongue, never double-edged swordTriple, six rivals spittin fireThis the real truth, b*tchBreakin out for liesMy Messiahs better be ready for Armageddeon six-six-fiveIt’s wild, bless the childThe one that became a manPut in positions over the payAll that I had to do was stareTest me now, contender never no surrender no pretendPick up my pen, and my hempOne of my trusted friend friend, heyOpen it let’s see if we’re real, we all suitedBeg my pardon to MartinBaby we ain’t marchin we shootinAnd daily recruitin there’s a front rowEveryday in the ghettoWe start em off little we give em a bottleand a pen and a pad to hit the lead now kick it(Krayzie)Nigga roll wit Bone up into the Thug spotTo the dome wit a shot of birdNever get tossed to the curbBe feelin that urge to splurgeBut I’m broke as f*ck son gimme that Mossberg swerveUp into my bag, cause I gotta get my mask and shellsto put in this twelve gauge sawed offGet em all off, nigga yo’ loss, take it all offGot a nigga car doorBut the Bone not Leatherface, too many are thinkin they ThugsThey need the most help to pull it in dovesAnd b*tch if you stickin we buckin them guzzlers, f*cked upNow let me get done with the grimeGotta go purchase a dimePut in a state to get done with the crimeSmokin the reefer to ease my mindSwig some wine, step on the block with the rocksBut Willie be servin em clemencyGotta buck him on down if he come back talkinlike gimme back me moneyThuggin with me killers, need us a leaderor liquor but niggaz ain’t got sh*tWit a sawed off pump chrome thirty-eight pistolNow who ready to get bentNigga like me feenin for them green leavesBut I ain’t had no doughGotta make some money soI’m makin my dummy rocks if I go brokeChorus: Intro 3, Intro 2(Layzie)Yeah, Little Lay hey comin in the form of scriptureFinna get ya and hit ya wit magicDroppin down licks betta call on my gadgetsWith an automatics status we spray time to load the glocksBut I’m thinkin notThere’s another he forced tellin me do what I gotta doSo my other partnuh nigga die tonightAnd I’m always runnin from the boys in blueBiggie booms on my a$$ now provide the cellular phoneThe carphone, what’s happeninGrab artillery niggaz start packinCause a motherfu*ker try to get me in a jacket, and I did himHit him right between the eyes, despise the wiseWanna test a nigga size, that’ll cost himNigga f*ck around wit the wrong sh*tY’all get mo murdered all day all dayWe done paved the way and I’m on the runI’ma call my boys and bring all the gunsY’all niggaz wanna have a little fun wit number oneOne, one, then it red red rum rum rum rum rum rumBut it red red rum rum rum rum rum rumBut it red red rum

Chorus: Intro 3, Intro 2, Intro 3, Intro 2