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Paper cuts

Thanks to Nicol for submitting this lyric

When I’m feeling tiredShe puts you through the doorI crawl towards the cursed alleySometimes I can’t find my wayThis curtain’s (Kurt is?) spellbound (still round)So get all that you canA cool man is toughening/too plain

A good hosing down

When the hate in my field (ma)eternal all fourCannot look me in the eyesBut I asked the years ham radio blewAnd the car, twist, mouth, fear! Yaaah!I think soI think soI think soNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvana

Back when ’twas a partyI scratched with my nailsI see now that she’s just like meWhy do they not try to escape?They bring out the holy onesThey pointed my wayThey come with the flashing lights

An-gr-y later I am known toSlap some friends of ridiculeMy whole existence is for your fearsAnd that is why I’m here with you!Don’t taaaakeMe awaaaaayYou’re roundNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvanaNirvana