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Number One
Uh uh uhI just gotta bring it to they attention dirty

That’s all….

You better watch who you talking boutRunnin your mouthLike you know meYou gonn fuck around and checkWhy they surelyThey call me “show me”Why one-on-one you can’t hold meIf your last name was HaynesOnly way you wear me outIs stretch my name on your penNo resident of FranceBut you swear I’m from Paris106 KaratsTold em “Naw that’s pure rich”Trying to compurr (compare) thisMy chain to your chainI’m like sprint and MotorolaNo service, out of your rangeYour out of your brainsThinking I’ma shout out your nameYou gotta come up with better waysThan thatTo catch your fameOnly pressure you applyingIs time to ease offBefore I hit you from the blind sideTaking your sleeves offAs much as we’s lostStill hard to please bossDon’t be lyingAnd cryingSucking the bezel lossCause yourAss is wackYour wholeLable is wackAnd matter fact

Eh eh eh eh eh hear that

[Chorus]I-Am-number oneNo matter if you like itReady take this sit down and write itI-Am-number oneHey hey hey hey hey heyNow let me ask you man…What does it take to be number one?Two is not a winnerAnd 3 nobody remembers (hey)What does it take to be number one?

Hey hey hey hey

Do you like it when I shake it for ya?Daddy? Move it all around?

Let you get a peep before it touches the ground?

[Nelly]Hell yeahMa I’m in a girl that’s willing to learnWilling to get in the driver’s seatWilling to turnAnd not concerned about thatHe say, she say, did he say, what I think he said?Squash thatHe probably got that off E-bayOr some Internet accessSome website chat lineMad cause I got mineOoh don’t wind up on the flatlineOh if my uncle could see me knowIf he could see how many rappers wanna be me nowStraight emulating my styleRight to the “down down”Can he bout to score nowBetter wait till they calm downI got hella shorty’sComing askin me “Yo where the party?”Oh lordy till I continue to act naughtyMixing cris at the partyGot me banging fo shoI’m not a man of many wordsBut there’s one thing I know



Hey yo I’m tired of people judging what’s real Hip-HopHalf the time you be them niggas who’s fuckin album flop(You know) Boat done sank and it aint left the dock(Cmon!) Mad cause I’m hot(He just) Mad cause he notYou aint gotta gimme my propsJust gimme the yachtsGimme my rocksKeep my fans coming in flocksTill you top the SuperbowlKeep your mouth on lockShhhhh I’m awake ha haI’m cocky on the micBut I’m humble in real lifeTaking nothing for grantedBlessing errthing on my lifeTrying to see a new lightAt the top of the roofBaby aint not singleBut I speak the truthI heat the boothNelly acting so uncouthTop down shirt offin the coupeSpreadin the lootWith myfamily and friendsAnd myClosest to kinAnd IDo it againIf it means I’ma win

Dirty I am

[(Chorus) – repeat until fade]