Natural Runaway songtekst

I’m sick of all the days gone byWhen I didn’t have you to myselfI’m tired of E-mail conversationsIt could be someone elseYou say you need meLike the roses need sun or they’ll dieNo matter what the people sayLet’s run awayCHORUS:Let’s run awayMiles awayLet the people say what they wanna sayIt’s our fantasyI’m in love with theeLet forever be our brand new policyLet’s run awayFar awayLove will take us there we’ll be okayMake this dream come trueI’ll be next to youLet’s just run awayI can smell your perfume off everything I woreWhen we kissed that night.I can see your face on the wallEven through the dark of the night.And when you call my cell phoneMy heart skips a beat out of timeIf you really love me don’t leave me, girlYou don’t have to say goodbyeWe did it all for loveLet’s run away, Let’s run awayCHORUSOhh don’t you remember when we used to sitAnd we’d dream of a home that we’d shareOh, we’d stand in the crowdAnd we’d talk out real loudGirl, you’d swear we were already thereWe did it all for loveCHORUSLet’s run awayCHORUSLet’s run away

Girl, we did it all for love