Madonna Deeper And Deeper songtekst

Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeperSweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeterChorus:I can’t help falling in loveI fall deeper and deeper the further I goKisses sent from heaven aboveThey get sweeter and sweeter the more that I knowWhen you know the notes to singYou can sing most anythingThat’s what my mama told meRound and round and round you goWhen you find love you’ll always knowI let my father mold meBridge:Daddy couldn’t be all wrong[Not gonna let you slip away, I’m gonna be there]And my mama made me learn this song[You’re gonna bring your love to me, I’m gonna get you]That’s why(chorus)The deeper I goAll is fair in love she saidThink with your heart, not with your headThat’s what my mama told meAll the little things you doWill end up coming back to youI let my father mold me(bridge)(chorus, repeat)Someone said that romance was deadAnd I believed it instead of rememberingWhat my mama told meLet my father mold meThen you tried to hold meYou remind me what they saidThis feeling insideI can’t explainBut my love is aliveAnd I’m never gonna hide it again(bridge)(chorus)Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper Never gonna hide it againSweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeterNever gonna have to pretend(repeat)You got to just let your body move to the musicYou got to just let your body go with the flowFalling in love, falling in love, falling in loveI can’t keep from falling in love with you

You know there’s nothing better that I’d like to do