Madonna Bad Girl songtekst

Something’s missing and I don’t know whyI always feel the need to hide my feelings from youIs it me or you that I’m afraid ofI tell myself I’ll show you what I’m made ofCan’t bring myself to let you goBridge (first time without first “I”):I don’t want to cause you any painBut I love you just the sameAnd you’ll always be my babyIn my heart I know we’ve come apartAnd I don’t know where to startWhat can I do, I don’t wanna feel blueChorus1:Bad girl drunk by sixKissing someone else’s lipsSmoked too many cigarettes todayI’m not happy when I act this wayChorus2:Bad girl drunk by sixKissing some kind stranger’s lipsSmoked too many cigarettes todayI’m not happy, I’m not happySomething’s happened and I can’t go backI fall apart every time you hand your heart out to meWhat happens now, I know I don’t deserve youI wonder how I’m ever gonna hurt youCan’t bring myself to let you go(bridge)(chorus1)(chorus2)This way(bridge)(chorus1, repeat)I’m not happy this way(chorus1)(chorus2, substituting “someone else’s” for “some kind stranger’s”)This wayI’m not happy this way

Kissing some kind stranger’s lips