Lil Romeo Just a Kid songtekst

[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo – repeat 2x]I’m the one wit the crushed out tankI’m the one who makin’ young girls faintDon’t smoke and too young to drinkJust a kid but got a mill in the bank[Lil’ Romeo]Sharp brown-skinI can always be found in, that dirty SouthChicks say I’m expanded, I go all outTill’ they fall outI’m a ball outWhen I go shoppin’ romie rome buy da mall outKids meals ta big wheelsI did dealsEleven years old, man it feels like I been hereGirls screamin’ he’s so cute in they gym gearI will not lose, Romeo gonna win hereTic tac toeGet that doughRip that showI’ll come back and kick that flowBy da next time i’m around you’ll knowI ain’t playin’ boy it’s time ta make room for Ro'[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo][Lil’ Romeo]Center stage, dark shades to cornbraidsI’m a little manYou know doin’ big things, man of my wordEarn everything I deserveHard work and dedicationMan get out and get your own, stop playin’ ballLifes about makin’ callsMy dad said the strong survive while the weak fallSo I stuck wit itPressed my luck wit itImagined itNow I’m on stage gettin’ crunk wit itMake way, i’m the hottest thing in da industry todayAll I see is the future cause I’m feelin’ the AAfter me the world of hiphop gonna changeBy the time I’m 16 I’ll be the best in the game

[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo – repeat 4x]