Fugees Mista Mista songtekst

MISTA MISTA CLEF: Mista mista, Can I get five dollars, So I can get something to eatHELL NO MF, You can’t get no money from meCause every time I give you a dollarYou go get shot up with more and more needlesAnd you tell me that you’re drug freeDrug Free Mista mista, I haven’t ate anything for a weekCan I get a quarter? HELL NO MF, What can a quarter get you?Nothing mf, You are just fucked upOff them fucked up drugs, You know you need to leave aloneBut you keep telling me that you’re drug freeMF, You ain’t drug free, you’re a fiendAnd every time I try to help youYou pretend as if it’s okayThen later on in the weekYou go back to shootin’ needles, to sniffin’, Oh mf, but you told me you wereDRUG FREE DRUG FREEYou ain’t drug free mfSo you damn well, can’t get no mfin’ money from me.we’re permanent one Wyclef, Preacher’s Son, Ichi bang, Listen Mrs. TinCan I’m your candy handyAnd my memoir beReminding me of eating

Calamari in the Khalahari with a band of Rhastafari.