Foxy Brown Hood Scriptures songtekst

[Foxy Brown]HEY, you’re ’bout to hear the most incredible shit ever writtenHard spittin’, cigar splittin’PRAY, to your god and to them words in the Biblical scripturesCritical bitch must, flow to the shit that just fit herRODE, with the best auto that money can buy meThe best damn mami, Def Jam signed meHOES, you know they’ll never compare to my statusNothin’ matters, I’m the fuckin’ baddest seeFAME, is worth it if you got money to match itI’m hotter than acid and don’t even practiceGAME, guess I got it at birth from my mommaIll Na Na, real drama, see IBALL, til’ I can’t or I’m covered by maggotsI straight spaz it and let y’all have itBLOAW!Hey…I’m speakin’ to the hood![Foxy Brown]SPLURGE,when I’m gettin’ my money it’s nothin’Always bussin’, flows is disgustin’WOAH, I’m constantly multiplying my digitsFox the richest, please no picturesONES, that I be countin’ be keepin’ me smilin’We out wildin’, shout to the island!DUN, I keep it gangsta for all of my soldiersIt’s so over, keep y’all composureSTYLE, when we want and we love when they hate usDon’t debate us, flow’s not contagiousFOUL, we can be if y’all niggas provoke usBuenos noches, do not approach usFLOSS, til the law say I can’t or I’m finishedPour the Guiness, I’m a straight menace!BLOAW!Hey…I’m speakin’ to the hood![Foxy Brown]KNOW, what I built I ain’t tryin’ to mess upBarbie dressed up, you’re just my successorWHOA, I hear your company’s holdin’ that budgetI always thug it hood for the publicBENZ, my CREAM material’s iller than averageLots of baggage, shopping savage and myFANS, say that my album is close to a classicThey don’t, gas it, y’all gots to have itSHOES, got to be Christian or Gucci or PradaWho could stop her, ain’t a bitch, hotterLOSE, you always will when you go against FoxyWrist, rocky, y’all bitches watch meRISE,til they kill me I’m ballin’ and spendingLaws I’m bendin’ til my life is endin’, now!BLOAW!

Hey…I’m speakin’ to the hood!