Fleetwood Mac Sara songtekst

wait a minute baby…stay with me a whilesaid you’d give me lightbut you never told me about the firedrowning in the sea of lovewhere everyone would love to drownand now its goneit doesn’t matter anymorewhen you build your housethen call me homeand he was just like a great dark wingwithin the wings of a stormi think i had met my match – he was singingand undiong the lacesundoing the lacesthe night is coming and the starlingflew for daysi’d stay at home at night all the timei’d go anywhere, anywhereask me and i’ll be there because i caresara, you’re the poet in my heartnever change, never stopand now it’s goneit doesn’t matter what forwhen you build your house, i’ll come byall i ever wantedwas to know that you were dreaming[theres a heartbeat

and it never really died].