Fiona Apple I Know songtekst

So be it I’m your crowbarIf that’s what I am so farUnti you get out of this messAnd I will pretend that I don’t know of your sinsUntil you are ready to confessbut all the time,all the timeI’ll know, I’ll knowAnd you can use my skinto bury secrets inAnd I will settle you downAnd at my own suggestionI will ask no questionsWhile I do my thing in the backgroundBut all the time,all the timeI’ll know, I’ll knowBaby I can’t help you out while she is still aroundSo for the time being, I’m beingpatientAnd amidst this bitternessif you’ll just consider thiseven if it don’t make senseall the time, give it timeAnd when the crowd becomes your burdenand you’ve early closed your curtainI’ll wait by the backstage doorWhile you try to findthe lines to speak your mindand pry it open, hopin for an encoreand if it gets too late for me to waitfor you to find you love meand tell me so

it’s okay, don’t have to say it