Eminem Run Rabbit Run songtekst

Somedays I just wanna up and call the quitsI feel like Im surrounded by a wall of bricksEverytime I go to get up I just fall in pitsMy life’s like one great big ball of shit!If I could, just put it all onto what I spit Instead of always tryina swallow itInstead of starin at this wall and shitWhile I sit writin this plot, sick of all this shitKid, Call it Shit!All I know is Im about to hit the wallIf I ever have to see another one of Mom’s alcaholic fitsThis is it last strawThats all, Thats itI aint dealin with another fuckin politic Im like a skillet bubblin, until it filters upIm about to kill it, I can fill it buildin upBlow this building up, Im concealed enoughMy cup, When its over I’da filled it upThen it explodes, and spills my gutsYou think all I do is stand here and feel my nutsWell.. Imma show you what, You gon’ feel my rushIf you dont feel it, then it must be too real to touchBuild the dutch, Im about to tear shit upGoosebumps, Yea Imma make your hair sit up, Yea sit upImma tell you who I be, Imma make you hate me, Cuz you aint meYou ate, it aint too late for you to finally see What you close-minded Fucks, What you Blind to seeWhoever finds me is gonna get a finds to seeOut this world, they no it aint a mind to meYou need piece of mind? Heres a piece of mineAll I need’s a line, Sometimes I dont always find the words to rhymeTo express how Im really feeling at that time, YesSometimes, Sometimes, SometimesIts just sometimes is always meHow dark can he always beThe clock strikes midnight 1, 2, then half passed 3This half-ass rhyme, with this half-ass piece of paperIm desperate in my task If I could just get the rest of this shit off my chest, AgainStuck in this slump, Cant think of nothingFuck, Im stumped, Oh Wait Here comes something, No!Its not good enough, scribble it outNew pad, tinkle it up, and throw the shit outIm fizzling out, thought I figured it outBalls in my court but Im scared to dribble it outIm afraid, but why am I afraid? Why am I a slaveTo this Tray? Sign not to spit to the graveReal enough to route you up, Want me to flip it? I can rip itany style you want. Imma switch to the bitch Jimmy Smith aint a quitterImma sitter till I get enough finally hit a boiling point Put some oil in your joints, Flip the coin, Bitch come get destroyedAnd EmCee’s worst dream, I make them tensed, they hate meSee me and Shape like a Chainling Finx By the looks of em you would swear that Jaws was comingBy the screams of them you would swear Im saw and so on By the way they runnin, you could swear they all was comingIts now or never, And tonight is all or nothingMomma, Jimmy keeps leaving on us, He said he’d be backHe pinky promised, I dont think he’s honestI’ll be back baby, I just gotta beat this clock Fuck this clock! Imma make them Eat this watch Dont believe me Watch! Imma win this raceAnd Imma come back and rub my shit on your face, Bitch!I found my nitch, You gonna fear my voiceTill your SICK of it you aint gonna have a choiceIf I gotta scream till I have half a lung

If I have have a chance, Imma grab it, Rabbit Run!