Disney Pocahontas Savages (part 1) songtekst

RatcliffeWhat can you expectFrom filthy little heathens?Their whole disgusting race is like a curseTheir skins are hellish redThey’re only good when deadThey’re vermin as I said and worseEnglish settlersThey’re savages! Savages!RatcliffeBarely even human!English settlersSavages! Savages!RatcliffeDrive them from our shore!They’re not like you and meWhich means they must be evilWe must sound the drums of war!English settlersThey’re savages! Savages!Dirty redskinned devils!Now we sound the drums of war!PowhatanThis is what we fearedThe paleface is a demonThe only thing they feel at all is greedKekataBeneath that milky hideThere’s emptiness insideNative AmericansI wonder if they even bleedThey’re savages! Savages!Barely even human!Savages! Savages!PowhatanKillers at the core!KekataThey’re different from usWhich means they can’t be trustedPowhatanWe must sound the drums of war!Native AmericansThey’re savages! Savages!First we deal with this oneAllThen we sound the drums of war!English settlersSavages! Savages!BenLet’s go kill a few, men!Native AmericansSavages! Savages!RatcliffeNow it’s up to you, men!AllSavages! Savages!Barely even human!

Now we sound the drums of war!