Disney Pocahontas Mine, mine, mine songtekst

RatcliffeThe gold of CortÚsThe jewels of PizarroWill seem like meer trinketsBy this time tomorrowThe gold we find hereWill dwarf them by farOh, with all ya got in ya, boysDig up Virginia, boysMine, boys, mine ev’ry mountainAnd dig, boys, dig ’til ya dropGrab a pick, boysQuick, boysShove in a shovelUncover those lovelyPebbles that sparkle and shineIt’s gold and it’s mine, mine, mine…English settlersDig and dig and dig and diggety…Dig and dig and dig and diggety…WigginsHey nonny nonnyHo nonny nonnyRatcliffeOh, how I love it!WigginsHey nonny nonnyHo nonny nonnyRatcliffeRiches for cheap!WigginsHey nonny nonnyHo nonny nonnyThere’ll be heaps of it…RatcliffeAnd I’ll be on top of the heap!My rivals back homeIt’s not that I’m bitterBut think how they’ll squirmWhen they see how I glitter!The ladies at courtWill be all a-twitterThe king will reward meHe’ll knight me… no, lord me!It’s mine, mine, mineFor the takingIt’s mine, boysMine me that gold!With those nuggets dug…It’s glory they’ll gimmeMy dear friend, King JimmyWill probably build me a shrineWhen all of the gold is mineEnglish settlersDig and dig and dig and diggety…Dig and dig and dig and diggety-dig!SmithAll of my life, I have searched for a landLike this oneA wilder, more challenging countryI couldn’t designHundreds of dangers awaitAnd I don’t plan to miss oneIn a land I can claimA land I can tameThe greatest adventure is mine!RatcliffeKeep on working, ladsSmithMineRatcliffeDon’t be shirking, ladsEnglish settlersFind a mother lodeRatcliffeMine, boys, mineEnglish settlersThen find another load!RatcliffeMine me that goldEnglish settlersDig! Dig! and diggetyRatcliffeBeautiful goldEnglish settlersDig! Dig! for that goldAllMake this islandMy land!RatcliffeMake the mounds big, boysI’d help you to dig, boysBut I’ve got this crick in me spineSmithThis land we behold…RatcliffeThis beauty untold…SmithA man can be bold!It all can be sold!Ratcliffe & English settlersSo go for the goldWe know which is hereAll the riches hereFrom this minuteThis land and what’s in it isMine!Dig and dig and dig and diggety-dig!

Hey nonny nonny nonny it’s mine!