Disney Junglebook That's what friends are for (the vulture song) songtekst

We’re your friendsWe’re your friendsWe’re your friends to the bitter endWhen you’re aloneWho comes aroundTo pluck you upWhen you are downAnd when you’re outside, looking inWho’s there to open the door?That’s what friends are for!Who’s always eager to extendA friendly claw?That’s what friends are for!And when you’re lost in dire needWho’s at your side at lightning speed?We’re friends with every creatureComin’ down the pikeIn fact we never met an animalWe didn’t like, didn’t likeSo you can seeWe’re friends in needAnd friends in needAre friend indeedWe’ll keep you safeIn the jungle forevermore!

That’s what friends are for!