Di Rect Revenge songtekst

the sun wakes up, but it’s still nightit was her last time up, it was her fightshe is a girl who was born to be wil she never learned to be a childbut she’ll always have that child inside she didn’t know betterhate and fear she kept inside for all those years it was the faith witch gave her fear now she knows bettersee her face, wild in tranceher thoughts in spaceshakin’ handsher diary says:” days go by i never learned how to cry”she’ll always felt taht pain inside she wrote this letter:” many tears i kept inside for all those years. my fear is gone and i think i will feel better”see her face, wild in tranceshe screams out loud: I want revenge!parents faith, sunday schoolshe hates to live by rulesshe wants friends and wild romancenow she has her chance to take revengeall those days she tried to saywithout sense take revengeanyway she wasn’t ment to stayshe had a chance to make her life worth livingall het friends gave her a second chance

she didn’t stand a chance now she’s in heaven…..