Di Rect Just the way I do songtekst

It just started with a beerto get that feeling right on mei feel so greatlook at the girls around methis is the place i want to bei feel so greatif i loose control than i feel my soul burnJust the way i do (4x)I can talk and talk againbut baby that’s just the way i ami know myselfwell, i wanna take you homebut i’m better of aloneso leave me alonei’m so lonely inside and i can’t hidejust the way i do (4x)so if you all like the way i dowhat the fuck does that meanyou don’t know what i do, and you don’t care if i gostraight out of my headso do i make myself clear?it’s my life, it’s my world, oh yeah!sometimes you don’t like the way i domaybe i won’t feel the same ’bout youbut if we try to make our dreams come truetime is right it’s just the way we do

it’s just the way i do (4x)