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Destinys Child Lyrics
Intro (The Writing’s On The Wall)
Kelly:] LeToya Barzini I wanna thank you For having you organize

This meeting here today

[LeToya:] And Kelly Steracki I also want to thank you And all the other Dons of the four families Beyonce Corleone, from the South West Ah, LaTavia Menser from the


[LaTavia:] Our objective of this meeting today Is to discuss Destiny’s Child’s

Commandments of relationships

[Kelly:] You know it’s so unfortunate, so unnecessary

For us to end up with brokenhearts

[LaTavia:] Yes Godfather Times have changed Relationships aren’t like the old days

You know?

[LeToya:] See what we need is a man of his word All this, uh cheating, uh backstabbing, uhm hating

No more, no more

But Godfather, how do we avoid all these mishaps?

[Beyonce:] It’s obvious, The Writing’s On The Wall;

Thou shalt not hate