Desree Get A Life songtekst

Wake up, greet the angelsSit back and wipe your eyesTreat yourself to a facial, just by smilingSlow down, you move too quicklyYou’ve got to take the timeTo touch and smell the flowers,They’re beautiful,yeahDum di dum di diiieDum di dum di diiieDum di dum di diiie take it in your strideDum di dum di diiie anytime you likeDum di dum di diiie you can get a lifeWe know, life is trickyLook it straight in the eyeMarley spoke of a revival, Exodus yeahStand back, stand back,Look around, look aroundWhat do you see? What do you see?This is such a great dreamBreathe in, breathe out, take it in, all the wayThis is such a great, such a beautiful,Oh ho, oh ho, yeah, yeahIn the blink of an eye, you can get a life

When you decide, you can get a life