Culture Beat Anything songtekst

Is there anything more I can do for youShould my hair be red or shall it be blueIs there anything more I can do for youShall I let the green grass turn black for youIs there something more you want me to doShall I hand up all of my secrets to youMaybe then you’ll see me tooIs there something more, yeah yeah yeahYou got me on my knees saying please are you a teaseYou change locks so I change keysGiving always giving how ya living it’s a drainHard to see the light as anything but a trainIs passion out of fashion, am I on the wrong trackHard for me to take but can you tell what I lackBeen the early bird but I gets no wormTreat me like a germ but I still stand firmChasing am I wasting all my time on the causeDo you want a break or do you need a pauseNever knew no one like you that is never impressedIs it how I’m dressed huh or am I just a pestI think you bend me just to see if I will breakEvasion from the case just to see what I will takeLead me lead me on because you know I wanna swingQuestion that I’m pressing is there anything(CHORUS)Wanting what you flaunting, can’t blame me for my thirstBetcha got a bubble baby begging to be burstHopin’ while I’m scoping, dirty mind is in effectRigorous and vigorous how you turn my neckHeated now I’m hotter for your hips, put me onSweat ya in the eve, sweat ya in the mornYearning yeah I’m yearning, got an itch, need a scratchMoney I can make but it’s hard to make a matchCraving what you’re saying, waiting for your will to cave inRead me like a book, I’m misbehavingTell me what you need and your need I’ll try to feedHear me as I beg, hear me as I pleadRunaway, run all day but you can’t hideI see you’re fighting feelings that you feel insideTell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I’ll bring

The question from the King is there anything