Craig David Can't Be Messing Round songtekst

Uh uh yeah, Craig David, it’s another oneGonna make ya, make ya dance to this (x2)This is how we do it one timeInto the year 2,0 straight from the 9,9 (come on) One day minding my own business, girl from back won’t keep her distanceShe was all over me, just won’t let it be (oh no)So I said to her I’ve got a girl at homeThis is so hard for me but you gotta leave me aloneShe said she didn’t want to listen to meKnew exactly what she wanted to be, my babyI must admit that she was getting to meWaiting for me, wanting me to hold her oh so tightly Together, forver, wherever (huh) whateverShe said she couldn’t find nobody betterWasn’t gonna give up on me never, she said Ooh, you’re looking so fly everytime you pass me byI like the way you move your bodyGirl I must admit you’re looking real fitLet’s chill for a little bitI know you wanna get with me, girl you know I’m not free 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 come on let me hit it againCome on let me sing it againWont pretend, can’t be messing ’round with my girlfriend (x2) It seems likr every day girl you wanna be calling meAnd when I step outside you always follow meYou said that you were really feeling Sisqo’s songAbout that thong, th, thong, thong did I wanna see?And when you talk like that you know you’re really tempting meBut I got a girl at home who’ll do the same for meAnd that’s the way that it’s gotta be, gotta be, so listen now lady Ooh, I like your profile, the way you talk and our smileBut you gotta understand lady, I’m not cheating on my babyOoh, you know this ain’t right, I’m going home to my girl tonightAnd I’m sorry that we couldn’t get it onBut the love for my girl’s too strong Chorus Girlfriend this love we got be goldenAnd you know you got me open (open)Since the day we started talkingYou and I’ve had this special little something (something)When I wake up in the morning (yeah yeah)Girl it would be you calling (thats right)Since I met you my phone bill be doublingBut girlfriend you know that money ain’t a thing (ain’t a thing)With who me? the one and only C-R-A-I-G, come onNow let me deliver this properly (yeah yeah)So the world can see that I, ain’t the type of guyAnd why should I, make my girlfriend cry?Can’t deny the girl I met was real flyBut it’s you that put’s me on a natural highSo I, just walked on by (ha ha), saying my oh my (yeah)I ain’t goin’ let no other girls start troublin’

Lose someone like you, you must be joking (come on)